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Back to hitting the pavement

Sixteen days. I had let 16 days go by without going for a run at all. That hiatus was depressing especially considering that up until that last run, I had been doing well on my runs. Increasing my distance, keeping a steady pace. Taking a break from running that lasts that long is pretty hindering and initiates backtracking–so disheartening after having put in so much work and effort into my training.

Now, this unwelcome break wasn’t because I’m a horribly lazy individual. I blame this break in running to the fact that I suffered the most severe case of poison ivy I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. Saying it was a nightmare, horrendous, pure torture from the Poison Ivy Gods does not begin to describe the agony I endured.

Poison Ivy Goddess: pure evil right there.

What was interesting is that I came into contact with the poison ivy on the day I would run my last run for a while–a Tuesday. I’m so glad I went on that run! But to nip any assumptions in the bud: I did not come into contact with the ivy during that run. Running would never do me like that. 🙂

The poison ivy didn’t manifest itself until Thursday. Friday came around, and I was full blown miserable. The swelling, blisters, oozing and rawness (gross, I apologize) lasted for a week exactly.  The unbearable rash was concentrated on the inside of my legs around my knees. The swelling and blistering affected my ability to bend my knee and walk, confining me to my bed. My legs were worthless. I was ready for the drying out process to begin. That part was just as miserable, though. The itching sensation that came from the drying of my skin and blisters was overwhelming. I lost so much sleep during this whole ordeal, tossing and turning, looking for a place of comfort that I never could find.

I thought my immune system had check out for a while when random rashes appeared on my arms, side and other parts of my legs. It was driving me crazy and making me incredibly paranoid. Is it ever going to end?? Horrible.

I’m thankful that the torture is over now. I’m anxiously awaiting for my legs to clear up from the unsightly marks the rash left behind.

Imprisoned in my bed–while my leg muscles atrophied (terrible feeling)–I realized I had taken running for granted. I had taken for granted having the freedom to get out and run to my heart’s content. Valuing the ability I have once again to do this has driven a desire to go running everyday, or as often as I possibly can. Don’t take running for granted again, Cindy. I haven’t made this happen yet but I know I’d be capable of doing it.

Determination will have to be my new best friend for a while.

How do you keep from falling into any workout lulls and coming back from them?

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