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Warrior Dash Craziness

Three events in 28 days. This past Saturday I completed my final event in this triad of epic-ness. I started out with the Epic Mud Run, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and finished with Warrior Dash.
Warrior Dash was by far the best out of the three. I loved the course. It was so cross country like. The gravelly trail was awesome and consisted of twists and turns, ups and downs. Along the way there were statutes of animals/dinosaurs hidden among the shrubbery. Is a dinosaur an animal? There were also poster boards with motivating comments that I found quite amusing. “We won’t tell anyone you cried.” “Or that time you watched the Titanic.” “Don’t let Ted from the office beat you.” Winking smile

What I liked about this event was that you were able to get about a little over a mile of running out of the way before hitting the brunt of the obstacles. Before the event, I was worried about not being capable of completing the obstacles, mostly the ones requiring upper body strength. I sold myself too short. I breezed through them and on a couple ones, wished I could go back and do them again. The ones that dealt with climbing up walls and ropes were my favorite.

This was considered a mud run but there wasn’t really any mud right until the end. I didn’t mind that one bit. The mud was cool and refreshing toward the end.

Jumping over fire at the end–passage to warrior-hood–was the highlight of the course. Open-mouthed smile I thought my feet were going to be charred off but the fire just felt mildly warm as my feet grazed over it. It’s too bad I wasn’t able to get any sweet pics of that action.

I did get plenty post-run pics, of course!
I didn’t get as muddy as I should’ve but maybe next year. Winking smile

Best part post-run was getting the mud hosed off by a fire hose. The water was ice cold at first but you eventually got used to it if you stayed in the stream long enough. It did a good job of getting rid of all the mud. I was so cold afterward, though!

I had a great weekend around the St. Louis area after this event. I got to hang out with friends and got a delicious/expensive dinner out of this Warrior Dash Weekend.
On top of that, I am now deemed a warrior. Check out the hat and medal. Winking smile

Poor Baby…Ok, Moving On

Poor, neglected blog of mine. The start of a new school year is to blame for my absence. I knew that was going to happen so I’m not too torn about it. Priorities, right?

Moving forward, I did want to put together a short recap on a race last week. Kyle and I ran the Susan G. Komen 5K Race for the Cure here in town last Sunday. (It’s so nice doing in town events…I can’t say that enough!)

I honestly did not feel like I was going to perform as well at all when I woke up Sunday morning. I had spent the day before tailgating and going to the Mizzou game and filling up on burgers, pizza and maybe a couple beers. Maybe. Winking smile On top of that, my roommates decided to throw a party that Saturday night so I got little sleep.

The tailgating and football made for a great time, of course! But not the best for pre-race day–especially with all that yummy unhealthy food. It was a bummer too because I had “trained” pretty well and had some awesome runs in the days leading up to race day.

Sunday morning. I was scheduled to start running at 8:30 AM. We had planned to leave at 7:40 to be there at around 8. We didn’t leave until 8 and even then we had to turn around because Kyle forgot his headphones. Side note:  Usually I would have freaked out and made a big deal out of something like this, stressing myself out and every single person around me. I’m far too dramatic sometimes. But I kept myself from doing this because I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s morning. That’s not very nice. Kudos to myself. Winking smile

We got to the site and at this point was getting a little anxious because it was about 8:20. I wasn’t warmed up, stretched out and we were going to get left behind! I was able to get a couple minutes of stretching–not nearly enough as I would have liked, but it sufficed. Also, no one was left behind so that was not a problem.

The timed group–myself included–went first. Kyle didn’t run it competitively/timed so he took off after my group started.
There were people of so many age groups participating in the 5K. It was awesome! The support and encouragement throughout the course was equally as awesome!! I run with headphones. I’m not sure why but I get freaked out listening to myself breathing hard and hearing my footsteps so I always run with headphones when I’m running on my own time. At events, though, I leave the headphones at home. I’m afraid I’ll miss something or not pay attention to something on a course because I’m distracted by my music. I also know that most likely there will be people shouting out words of encouragement to the runners and I definitely wouldn’t want to miss out on that! It’s much appreciated and helps me push through till the end! Red heart

The cool part about this course was that it ended inside our Missouri Tiger football stadium. We ran the last 300 or so meters on the track. As I approached the tunnel to enter the field, my shoelace somehow managed to untie itself. #RunnerProbs to the max! I was not happy with my shoelace at all. I was on a roll and almost done so there was no way I was going to stop to tie my shoe. Instead, I slowed my pace and focused on not tripping and landing on my face. My darn shoelace kept me from sprinting to the end.

There were cheerleaders and volunteers cheering the runners on for the last few meters. It was awesome, needless to say.

Since Kyle started a bit after me, I was able to see him cross the finish line. Yay! Then we both hung out on the field for a while and stretched. We immediately talked time. We tracked our runs and were so impressed by our times. Neither of us were expecting good performances out of ourselves. I’m pretty sure Kyle PR’d and I have no idea anymore what my 5K PR is. All I know is that I had a great pace with an official time of 26:52.

We couldn’t have been any happier with our performances!
But it was time to sleep right after that race. Right back to bed I went. You sleep so good after you’ve finished an awesome run… Winking smile

Now if I thought I was nervous for that 5K, I’ve got Warrior Dash coming up this weekend! Yeah, super nervous and definitely not ready for that one. I haven’t been doing enough pushups and chin ups as I need to be doing. Winking smile I need to get on top of that asap.

My plan for the Warrior Dash is to have fun, get dirty and take as many pictures as I can! We’ll see how that goes! Wish me luck!!

Red heart

Epic Mud Run

I ran the Epic Mud Run last week and boy was mud the name of the game! That’s all the running/treading through mud that I did for the week. So we can sum up last week’s Monday Run Day with that event.

This was the first mud run I had ever done and it was a blast. I had an awesome team to run it with too. We–honestly, mostly me with the help of Kyle–made the most legit team shirts ever. We were the Bad Mudder Muckers. Say that 5 times real fast. Winking smile We got some loving and “good one’s” along the course from some people.
The shirt on the left was the event shirt. The were pretty sweet shirts. The guys lucked out and got tanks. Not every guy likes or looks good in tanks, so that was unfortunate. The shirt on the right is one of the four team shirts that we made. A lot of time and work and time went into those babies. They were about 10 dollars per shirt to make. Nice little deal. I may have to dedicate an entire post to the making of the shirts. It was a blast!

Proudly wearing our team shirts!

Cool back view. It’s important to note that I free handed the “run like a mudder” with the silhouette of the man running to make the stencil. It turned out better than I hoped it would.

We did one of the later waves which worked out well since I had to work so early in the morning. We got there about an hour before our wave started. There were a lot more people than I expected and of course there was mud everywhere.

I mentioned last Monday Run Day that this event was a color/zombie/mud run. When we got to the starting corral, there were little cups of colored powder that accounted for the color run part. We covered ourselves and each other with different colors. That’s as exciting as that part was. The idea wasn’t executed as well as it probably should have. All the color was just going to be covered in mud and washed off later during the course. Sadness.

The course began by running through a barn filled with zombies. Some of them weren’t scary but others got me with the element of surprise. There was one zombie chick that just followed me for the longest time in the world. Since this was the beginning, we were still pretty congested and had no running room. So we got through this part by walking through the barn and climbing over quite a few walls.

From there on, we ran the muddy course. It was fun running up this muddy hill while having a hose sprayed over us.

There were muddy hills, ropes to climb hills, the muddiest trenches ever, walls to scale…and tons and tons of mud. We got to one of the two 15 story water slides which was a blast sliding down. Then we went through probably a quarter mile of the thickest, deepest  mud in the course. This part definitely slowed me down. Each step felt like I was going to lose my shoe! It was crazy.

After coming out of that long stretch of mud, we did a little more running on an incline on a path running through woods. It was difficult getting a running start because my feet felt like lead because of the mud. The sun started drying out the mud as I went along, though, and it was caked on me even more.

We finally got to a pit filled with water. As I ran up to it, I noticed volunteers dumping bags of ice into it. I hadn’t realized that the water would be ice cold when I plunged myself into the pit. The mud washed off and I got to cool off a bit. It felt so good! We did a little more running until we got to the final huge water slide. I slid down with Kyle. I kept slowing down for some reason so Kyle caught my legs and pulled me down along with him.

At the end of the course, there were volunteers ready with water bottles, gatorade, bananas and crackers to snack on. We also received some pretty awesome glasses.

Then we took after photos! We were a big mess!

This event was such a blast! Kyle and I recently registered for the Warrior Dash in St. Louis. That’s in exactly 20 days! Eeek, I just realized that! I feel like this event will be the epitome of mud runs…and blood, sweat and tears. Winking smile So, needless to say, I’m pretty stoked for that one! Also exciting is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k that Kyle and I registered for. That one is next week. #CancerSucks!

What’s really funny is that this is the first “regular” 5k that I’ve done in forever; no zombies, color or mud! For anyone keeping track, this will be three events in 28 days. Wow! We sure are getting a good start to race season! Open-mouthed smile

Happiest 5k on the Planet

It’s adorable slash cheesy being able to say that I’ve ran the “happiest 5k on the planet.” But I did just that yesterday. It really was cool being a part of something so big like that, though. I promised myself I would take tons of pictures and I sure did! I have to thank Kyle for getting me an iPhone 4S. I had the 3GS and it was just old and outdated and took worthless pictures. So thank you super much, Kyle. You spoil me far too much. Red heart

Kyle and I spent like a day and a half in KC but our time there seemed much longer than that. Here are pics re-living that fun weekend.

Such a good driver… On our way to KC!

Coby’s first time staying at a PetsHotel.

Finally in the hotel! King sized bed, sweet tv and dispensers in the shower for you….Never seen that before.

A picture within a picture within a picture…and then a toilet. Thumbs up


It’s always fun going to the pool and taking underwater pictures.

Dinner time: spaghetti and broccoli, lime and pepper chicken, whole wheat bread, watermelon, cottage cheese and chia seed water. Super filling!

Watched some a lot of tv…and spent time on the laptop. I didn’t get too much sleep. At around 2 AM, I kept waking up every hour thinking it was time to get up. I must have been excited or something. Winking smile

Oatmeal and raisins, sweet potato, chobani and water.

For the record: Chobani yogurt is so good, and I could very well be a spokesperson for that fine food item. You can find my contact info here. Winking smile

KC Color Run Swag! It’s all so clean and pretty.

Putting on my Color Run tattoo.

Driving to Arrowhead.

Before the run. We’re so spotless and clean…not for long, though. Winking smile

While waiting in our wave to start running, I caught a sweet wave. Then we were off!

Successfully made it past yellow and orange color zones. 2k’s down, 3 to go.

It was interesting seeing all levels of runners…and their outfits/costumes.

The color throwers in the blue and yellow zones were better at covering you in paint compared to the orange and yellow color throwers.

It took forever to get to the finish line but we finally got there. Yay! Now we had the final kilometer to celebrate…

Celebrated the 5k finish with the Color Extravaganza! It was so fun but difficult to breathe in the cloud of color.

Check out the video the above collage was created from:

Open-mouthed smile

View from away and inside the craziness.

Special “elf made” recipe of magical color dust. Sure provided lots of fun.

Afterwards, it was a crazy party of music and dancing…

…and stretching. Look at Kyle showing us how it’s done.

Then we joined in the Color Run Conga Line! Check it:

This guy was spraying the passing Conga Line which was refreshing under the hot sun but also made the colors run together and look muddy…yuck.

Partying settling down, we assessed the color damage.

Colorful mess!

Red heart

Cute photo ops!

As we were making the long walk back to the car, I suggested to Kyle that he should snatch up this little poster board. I didn’t think he’d be able to get it but he tore around the binding zip tie that was keeping the board attached to a metal stand. I was impressed! Also impressed at his suggestion that we use it to make a memory board of our time at The Color Run. We’re going to work on that tonight. Already bought a frame for it! I’m super excited for that project!

Another shout out to Kyle for this awesome gift. I shattered the screen on my 3GS so I had to make sure I protected this one. This LifeProof case has done a good job dealing with my clumsiness so far. It did an awesome job keeping my phone all safe and protected during The Color Run and allowing me to capture these awesome memories!

Short drive back to the hotel…not looking forward to packing and checking out. At this point, I wish I could just lay down and go to sleep. That’s the downside about participating in out of town events.

Remember that pristine, white shirt at the start of the run? Not so clean now, huh? I wish the color stayed like this on the shirt after I washed it. It kinda turned into a pinkish-purplish colored shirt. I’m still proud of my Color Run shirt! Open-mouthed smile

Oh hello, color lines that look like sick tan lines. The soles of my feet were spotless. It looked funny.

Clean up was fun…I had never taken such a colorful shower before! It was hard scrubbing the paint off my face. It literally looked like I had a black eye from the leftover paint. Thank goodness for cover up! I’m sure housekeeping appreciated the mess and the sky high pile of towels.

I got everything packed as quickly as I could. I wanted time to lay down are relax. I got about 5 minutes worth of rest but it felt so nice to just be still and not worry about anything.
Ever heard of hey runner girl? Yeah, well this is what Mr. Gosling would be saying to me at that moment. Winking smile

What do you do to celebrate completing the “happiest 5k on the planet”? You go to Joe’s Crab Shack.

This was my first time eating at Joe’s. Kyle got the crab steampot and I got crab nachos. The nachos were delicious. I just love nachos in general. Vanessa, the waitress, was cool. She’s good at putting bibs on people.

I had to make my first visit to Joe’s legit so I got myself a sweet shirt that I’ll grow into someday. Open-mouthed smile

Just kidding, I didn’t get that shirt. I bought sweet tie-dye shirts for Kyle and myself. Kyle got a legit looking compressed towel that we have yet to…decompress, I’m guessing…? He also got me a shot glass that says “Hot Legs & Great Tail.” Love it! Red heart

After that great lunch we headed over to get the puppy…can’t forget about the puppy. He was alive and well and did decent at the pet hotel. I enjoyed a nap for what felt like most of the trip back to town.

The Color Run weekend took a lot of energy out of me but it was worth it. I’m proud that Kyle completed his first 5k ever and that he was happy while doing it…I sure was happy to be a part of that. Props to The Color Run for living up to its expectations. Open-mouthed smile

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