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Epic Mud Run

I ran the Epic Mud Run last week and boy was mud the name of the game! That’s all the running/treading through mud that I did for the week. So we can sum up last week’s Monday Run Day with that event.

This was the first mud run I had ever done and it was a blast. I had an awesome team to run it with too. We–honestly, mostly me with the help of Kyle–made the most legit team shirts ever. We were the Bad Mudder Muckers. Say that 5 times real fast. Winking smile We got some loving and “good one’s” along the course from some people.
The shirt on the left was the event shirt. The were pretty sweet shirts. The guys lucked out and got tanks. Not every guy likes or looks good in tanks, so that was unfortunate. The shirt on the right is one of the four team shirts that we made. A lot of time and work and time went into those babies. They were about 10 dollars per shirt to make. Nice little deal. I may have to dedicate an entire post to the making of the shirts. It was a blast!

Proudly wearing our team shirts!

Cool back view. It’s important to note that I free handed the “run like a mudder” with the silhouette of the man running to make the stencil. It turned out better than I hoped it would.

We did one of the later waves which worked out well since I had to work so early in the morning. We got there about an hour before our wave started. There were a lot more people than I expected and of course there was mud everywhere.

I mentioned last Monday Run Day that this event was a color/zombie/mud run. When we got to the starting corral, there were little cups of colored powder that accounted for the color run part. We covered ourselves and each other with different colors. That’s as exciting as that part was. The idea wasn’t executed as well as it probably should have. All the color was just going to be covered in mud and washed off later during the course. Sadness.

The course began by running through a barn filled with zombies. Some of them weren’t scary but others got me with the element of surprise. There was one zombie chick that just followed me for the longest time in the world. Since this was the beginning, we were still pretty congested and had no running room. So we got through this part by walking through the barn and climbing over quite a few walls.

From there on, we ran the muddy course. It was fun running up this muddy hill while having a hose sprayed over us.

There were muddy hills, ropes to climb hills, the muddiest trenches ever, walls to scale…and tons and tons of mud. We got to one of the two 15 story water slides which was a blast sliding down. Then we went through probably a quarter mile of the thickest, deepest  mud in the course. This part definitely slowed me down. Each step felt like I was going to lose my shoe! It was crazy.

After coming out of that long stretch of mud, we did a little more running on an incline on a path running through woods. It was difficult getting a running start because my feet felt like lead because of the mud. The sun started drying out the mud as I went along, though, and it was caked on me even more.

We finally got to a pit filled with water. As I ran up to it, I noticed volunteers dumping bags of ice into it. I hadn’t realized that the water would be ice cold when I plunged myself into the pit. The mud washed off and I got to cool off a bit. It felt so good! We did a little more running until we got to the final huge water slide. I slid down with Kyle. I kept slowing down for some reason so Kyle caught my legs and pulled me down along with him.

At the end of the course, there were volunteers ready with water bottles, gatorade, bananas and crackers to snack on. We also received some pretty awesome glasses.

Then we took after photos! We were a big mess!

This event was such a blast! Kyle and I recently registered for the Warrior Dash in St. Louis. That’s in exactly 20 days! Eeek, I just realized that! I feel like this event will be the epitome of mud runs…and blood, sweat and tears. Winking smile So, needless to say, I’m pretty stoked for that one! Also exciting is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k that Kyle and I registered for. That one is next week. #CancerSucks!

What’s really funny is that this is the first “regular” 5k that I’ve done in forever; no zombies, color or mud! For anyone keeping track, this will be three events in 28 days. Wow! We sure are getting a good start to race season! Open-mouthed smile

Monday Run Day–The Day I Ran to Hollywood

It’s technically ‘Tuesday’ Run Day–excuse the belated post. I had a little out of town excursion with Kyle and we visited his family back home. We got back in town late last night. It was a tiring weekend and I’ll be glad to get back in the swing of things–I’ve got lots to do this week!

But I had to make sure to definitely complete my Monday Run Day because it was a good week of running! Stay tuned for my crazy run to Hollywood. Winking smile

I told myself that I’d do better than last week. I had actually set a goal for myself to run at least 1 more mile than I did last week. Got that taken care of! I surpassed that goal and got in 13 miles! Big difference from 5.2 miles, right?

Here’s the breakdown of my 3 days of running from August 6 through August 12.

My first run for the week was great. The first couple miles were great. I’m not sure what happened on my last split. I remember it started sprinkling for about 30 seconds–that must have slowed me down greatly. Winking smile It was a good run overall.

My second run was a short run that I’m glad I included into my week of running. Anyway to increase your mileage throughout the week is great! I ran from work to campus which is extremely close. It’s less than a mile away but I took detours to raise the total to a complete mile. Since I knew it was going to be a short run, I focused on my speed. I ran a great mile and it was a nice run through downtown and campus!
The funny thing about the recording of this particular run was that I ran to campus planning to steal Kyle’s car from work–he works at the University Bookstore–and then picking him up when he got off. Well I got to his car and started stretching and cooling off before heading home. I completely forgot my app was still running so I ran drove for .82 miles before I realized I hadn’t stopped my time. That’s why my max speed is 2:41 min/mile. I wouldn’t mind that pace per mile a single bit, though. Winking smile

I rewarded myself for that short slash awesome run with a couple tacos from a local Mexican food vendor. No shame!

Now, saving the best for last. My RUN TO HOLLYWOOD!
Ok, so that’s a little misleading. One of the two theaters we have in Columbia is Hollywood Theaters. That was the first job I landed when I moved here for school. That job sucked–but I digress. I ran to the theater–a ridiculously long run, but not as ridiculous as running to Hollywood, CA would’ve been. It was a fantastic run, nonetheless! One of my best!! Open-mouthed smile

I ran on one of the many main roads here in town. At 6 AM on a Saturday, it was dead as can be. The road was mine. It was so lovely.

I was amazed at my pace; I would be shocked every time I heard my pace for the last split stay within range from the split before it. I thought I was running the first couple miles too fast, so I aimed for about a 9:15 mile for the third split just so that I could keep steady and not tire out too quickly. I hit 9:15 dead on for the 3rd split. I realized a mile later when I ran a -0.02 split and felt just fine, that I could rock the rest of the run.

It was almost an exact 4.5 miles from my home to the theater so I was glad I would get an even mile run and wouldn’t have to worry about adding any detours to make a complete 9 miles.

I was faced with inclines around miles 4-6. Those were the roughest parts of the run. But I was glad to pull through.
I paused at the halfway mark at Hollywood!

And enjoyed the sunrise that I would be running away from as I headed West to go back home.

The rest of the run back home was smooth sailing. I made myself proud with the last split. I always remind myself of what my high school cross country coach said about finishing runs strong. You always have to pocket some energy for the last mile. That way you can just pull out whatever energy you have left and give your last mile your all. For my last mile, I wanted anything less than 9 minutes–even if it was 8:59…I wanted it.
When my coach read off 8:34, I was overjoyed. AMAZING RUN! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

It took like 5 hours for my body to stabilize afterward but it was a run well worth it. I proved to myself what I’m capable of and how amazing the human body is to be able to accomplish things like that run!

Well, now it’s a new week and that brings along new goals. I don’t foresee a 9 mile run this week but shall we go for 14 miles for the week?? We’ll find out next Monday Run Day!

Monday Run Day

I have decided I am going to use this weekly topic–Monday Run Day–to record my running from the previous Monday through Sunday– or yesterday as is today’s case. This will be fantastic motivation to get me out and running through the week. I’ve been slacking on my runs, as today’s recap of this past week’s running will show.

So this past week is going to be super sad for sure. But I’m going to use this as a way to say to myself, “Come on, Cindy! You can do so much more than that! So shameful…” Tough love from the voice in my head, huh? Winking smile

For reference, I track all my runs with this app on my iPhone 4s.

It’s the most fantastic thing ever. It uses the GPS from your smartphone to track your distance. You get a message after each mile you complete, telling you your time for that mile and the duration of your run so far. If you go to the website, you can create your own routes and look at the stats from your previous runs: like the altitude, MPH and splits. I seriously love this app!

So let’s get this Monday Run Day started!

From August 30 through July 5, I got in a whopping 2 runs for a total of 5.2 miles. Whoo!
For shame… I’ll get myself back in the swing of things, I will! Winking smile

The first run during that time period was a short but sweet run. I had gone for a lovely dog walk before that run so I didn’t change my workout back to run. It truly was a run, I promise. Try walking a mile in 9 or 10 minutes. Winking smile
I added another mile on my second run for the week for 3 miles.
This was a rough run, though. My goal was to run 2.5 miles so I deviated from my usual path so that I could add extra distance. I just started running on random streets and taking random turns. When my running coach, as I like to call her, alerted me to my second split time, I thought to myself, “negative 14 seconds from my first split…hmm let’s go to 3. I got this.” I was starting to feel the heat and humidity get to me but I knew I could push through it.

I pushed my body a little too much this time, though, and boy did I suffer for that for the rest of the evening. That last split was rough! My body was overheating far too much and I had the worse cramps in my lower abdomen. I had remembered reading a recent article in Hammer Nutrition’s magazine Endurance News about beating the heat on race day.
If you’re running, take a one-minute walk…highly competitive athletes might scoff at walking or coasting, but when it comes to core temperature, nature gives you two choices: cool down or DNF [Did Not Finish].”
I definitely wanted to finish my run and get back home so I slowed down to a walk for a good 15-20 seconds. I could really feel the heat flooding my body, then slowly easing up. It was so relieving.

I was able to finish up the last .3 miles strongly–compared to the .7 miles. No DNF for me!

#Proof of the effects of a deathly run…no, it’s #proof of my rough run. No run is a bad run, though!

I need to get in more runs this week. I need more to report! Winking smile
Runs for this week start today, so I gotta get to it!

July Foodie Penpal Reveal

Happy July Foodie Penpal Reveal to everyone!

Check out the deets about this cool idea over at The Lean Green Bean.

This whole thing is a blast. I have fun getting in touch with the people I’m paired up with to send and receive foodie packages. I have fun buying goodies and putting a box together. I have fun receiving my box of treats! I have fun reading reveal posts and seeing what good stuff was exchanged.

My enthusiasm for foodie penpals was obviously noticeable to Kyle. He signed up to start joining in on the party in August! Ahh I’m so proud of him. He’s helped me out with putting my packages together, and now I’ll be able to help him out with his packages. Yay for fun times!

This month, I was paired up with Dianna, a reader.

I got some good treats:

~ Kettle Style Avocado Oil Potato Chips

~ Vita Coco Coconut Water with peach and mango

~ O.N.E Coconut Water with a splash of mango

~ Think Thin Crunch Bar: Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts

~ Boom Choco Boom: Ricemilk Crunch and Dark Chocolate

~ Stretch Island Fruit Co.: Mango Sunrise

I’m not a big fan of potato chips–I don’t think I even remember what they taste like. These were really good, though. I had to stop myself from eating the whole bad. Yay for avocado oil.

I told Dianna that I love mango and avocado, and she heard me. Winking smile The island fruit mango strip was a bit too leathery for me. I enjoyed the mango taste, though. Coconut and pineapple were two things that I mentioned to Diana as kinda “eh” foods for me. I was surprised at how good the O.N.E Coconut Water was, though. The “splash” of mango masked the taste of coconut and I was able to enjoy the drink. The Vita Coco brand was a little less appealing to my taste buds but having the peach and mango flavor added to it made it significantly more tasty than just plain coconut water. This is the second time I’ve gotten coconut water in a package I’ve received. Foodies like their coconut water!! There must be something wrong with me…I can’t down it to save my life. Oh well, let’s see if I get one next month. Winking smile

The think thin crunch bar was good! I love trying out new bars. They’re a big life saver for me when I’m on the go.

Who doesn’t love chocolate? I loved the ricemilk crunch. It reminded me of a crunch bar. So good. When I received my box, both chocolate bars were all melted. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to try them out but duh, all I had to do was stick them in the freezer. The yumminess stayed intact!

Big thanks to Dianna for my box of goodies.

Make sure to check out what Foodie Penpals is all about. It’s a ton of fun!

Until next month!

Memory Board

Remember that memory board Kyle and I were going to make with that colorful piece of board he “borrowed?” Winking smile Well we got it done! Like two days after the run; it just took me a while to put together an update about it. We were so excited about it and had so many crazy ideas about how it was going to look that we wanted to put it together ASAP to see how it would really turn out.

It was an awesome end product! Better than I expected!


I’m glad Kyle has so much creativity. According to him, I’m apparently the artistic so we used his creativity and my artistic skills to put together this awesome piece. It’s now hanging proudly above my desk in my room.

I love that I have something to hold on to and remember that day with Kyle. It’s legit. Red heart

What are some other creative ways to capture fun memories?

Happiest 5k on the Planet

It’s adorable slash cheesy being able to say that I’ve ran the “happiest 5k on the planet.” But I did just that yesterday. It really was cool being a part of something so big like that, though. I promised myself I would take tons of pictures and I sure did! I have to thank Kyle for getting me an iPhone 4S. I had the 3GS and it was just old and outdated and took worthless pictures. So thank you super much, Kyle. You spoil me far too much. Red heart

Kyle and I spent like a day and a half in KC but our time there seemed much longer than that. Here are pics re-living that fun weekend.

Such a good driver… On our way to KC!

Coby’s first time staying at a PetsHotel.

Finally in the hotel! King sized bed, sweet tv and dispensers in the shower for you….Never seen that before.

A picture within a picture within a picture…and then a toilet. Thumbs up


It’s always fun going to the pool and taking underwater pictures.

Dinner time: spaghetti and broccoli, lime and pepper chicken, whole wheat bread, watermelon, cottage cheese and chia seed water. Super filling!

Watched some a lot of tv…and spent time on the laptop. I didn’t get too much sleep. At around 2 AM, I kept waking up every hour thinking it was time to get up. I must have been excited or something. Winking smile

Oatmeal and raisins, sweet potato, chobani and water.

For the record: Chobani yogurt is so good, and I could very well be a spokesperson for that fine food item. You can find my contact info here. Winking smile

KC Color Run Swag! It’s all so clean and pretty.

Putting on my Color Run tattoo.

Driving to Arrowhead.

Before the run. We’re so spotless and clean…not for long, though. Winking smile

While waiting in our wave to start running, I caught a sweet wave. Then we were off!

Successfully made it past yellow and orange color zones. 2k’s down, 3 to go.

It was interesting seeing all levels of runners…and their outfits/costumes.

The color throwers in the blue and yellow zones were better at covering you in paint compared to the orange and yellow color throwers.

It took forever to get to the finish line but we finally got there. Yay! Now we had the final kilometer to celebrate…

Celebrated the 5k finish with the Color Extravaganza! It was so fun but difficult to breathe in the cloud of color.

Check out the video the above collage was created from:

Open-mouthed smile

View from away and inside the craziness.

Special “elf made” recipe of magical color dust. Sure provided lots of fun.

Afterwards, it was a crazy party of music and dancing…

…and stretching. Look at Kyle showing us how it’s done.

Then we joined in the Color Run Conga Line! Check it:

This guy was spraying the passing Conga Line which was refreshing under the hot sun but also made the colors run together and look muddy…yuck.

Partying settling down, we assessed the color damage.

Colorful mess!

Red heart

Cute photo ops!

As we were making the long walk back to the car, I suggested to Kyle that he should snatch up this little poster board. I didn’t think he’d be able to get it but he tore around the binding zip tie that was keeping the board attached to a metal stand. I was impressed! Also impressed at his suggestion that we use it to make a memory board of our time at The Color Run. We’re going to work on that tonight. Already bought a frame for it! I’m super excited for that project!

Another shout out to Kyle for this awesome gift. I shattered the screen on my 3GS so I had to make sure I protected this one. This LifeProof case has done a good job dealing with my clumsiness so far. It did an awesome job keeping my phone all safe and protected during The Color Run and allowing me to capture these awesome memories!

Short drive back to the hotel…not looking forward to packing and checking out. At this point, I wish I could just lay down and go to sleep. That’s the downside about participating in out of town events.

Remember that pristine, white shirt at the start of the run? Not so clean now, huh? I wish the color stayed like this on the shirt after I washed it. It kinda turned into a pinkish-purplish colored shirt. I’m still proud of my Color Run shirt! Open-mouthed smile

Oh hello, color lines that look like sick tan lines. The soles of my feet were spotless. It looked funny.

Clean up was fun…I had never taken such a colorful shower before! It was hard scrubbing the paint off my face. It literally looked like I had a black eye from the leftover paint. Thank goodness for cover up! I’m sure housekeeping appreciated the mess and the sky high pile of towels.

I got everything packed as quickly as I could. I wanted time to lay down are relax. I got about 5 minutes worth of rest but it felt so nice to just be still and not worry about anything.
Ever heard of hey runner girl? Yeah, well this is what Mr. Gosling would be saying to me at that moment. Winking smile

What do you do to celebrate completing the “happiest 5k on the planet”? You go to Joe’s Crab Shack.

This was my first time eating at Joe’s. Kyle got the crab steampot and I got crab nachos. The nachos were delicious. I just love nachos in general. Vanessa, the waitress, was cool. She’s good at putting bibs on people.

I had to make my first visit to Joe’s legit so I got myself a sweet shirt that I’ll grow into someday. Open-mouthed smile

Just kidding, I didn’t get that shirt. I bought sweet tie-dye shirts for Kyle and myself. Kyle got a legit looking compressed towel that we have yet to…decompress, I’m guessing…? He also got me a shot glass that says “Hot Legs & Great Tail.” Love it! Red heart

After that great lunch we headed over to get the puppy…can’t forget about the puppy. He was alive and well and did decent at the pet hotel. I enjoyed a nap for what felt like most of the trip back to town.

The Color Run weekend took a lot of energy out of me but it was worth it. I’m proud that Kyle completed his first 5k ever and that he was happy while doing it…I sure was happy to be a part of that. Props to The Color Run for living up to its expectations. Open-mouthed smile

June Foodie Penpal Reveal

So let’s just start off by saying how awesome this Foodie Penpals dealio is.

Check out more information about this cool idea from the mastermind herself, Lindsay, on her website at the Lean Green Bean.

This month I was paired up with Marina who’s on twitter @5starmarina. She’s a reader and a sweetheart. She expressed an interest in starting up a blog about her Paleo adventures and starting her CrossFit program. I encouraged her to definitely think about joining the blogging world and putting in her 2 cents. I hope she does! I’d faithfully read all her posts. Winking smile

I didn’t know much about the Paleo/primal regimen before talking to Marina. She described it as being completely clean eating so I did some research on it because it sounded so intriguing. I picked up that the paleo diet really embraces eating healthy fats which I thought was pretty awesome and different from traditional diets. Marina asked me if I’d be willing to try out some of her foods and treats. I loved her enthusiasm about it so I gladly gave her the go ahead to send me whatever goodies she’d like.

Everyone always comments about how exciting it is seeing that box on their doorstep waiting for them; it’s so true. As soon as I saw that box by my door, I knew what it was and I couldn’t wait to open it! Truly exciting!

I broke into the box like a little kid. My roommate was there (I had previously explained to her how the program works) and she was excited and eager to see what was in the box too.

I immediately gave Marina props for somehow knowing my favorite color is green when I saw the green tissue paper. I read her card first which mentioned her desire to create that blog. Do it, Marina. Open-mouthed smile

Then I found these yummy goodies.

Brad’s Raw Chips–Sweet Potato: These were very different. Very interesting. My roommate and I both tried it. I have no way of explaining it. When I took my first bit, it tasted bland, but then I picked up on the sweet potato taste. I was like, “there it is!” Good job, taste buds.

Zico–Coconut Water: I guess I don’t like coconut water. I’ve heard of coconut milk. I may have to try my luck on that. I may just not like any coconut drinks at all.

Larabar: cherry pie and banana bread…smelled like banana bread. I love foods that have a limited amount of ingredients. That means it’s good for you. Thumbs up

Ghiradelli–Sea Salt Soiree (how yummy does that sound?): My roommate and I both approved. Winking smile

Namaste Foods–Gluten Free Brownie Mix: Ahhh…this was my favorite item out of everything in the box. Thank you, thank you, Marina! I loved that it was hands-on ish item–one where I could make a mess in the kitchen. I love baking but haven’t done much of it compared to how often I did before I started college.

I find it crazy that the mix is free of gluten, wheat, nuts, corn, soy, dairy making you wonder, “what does it have in it?? Just 7 ingredients: evaporated cane juice, tapioca and sweet brown rice and arrowroot flour, dutch cocoa, salt and xanthan gum.

At the beginning of this month I joined @Powercakes in her #JunePowerMealADay challenge. When I made these, the day was designated to #DontFearTheFat. Healthy fats are…well, healthy, don’t ya know? I’d like to say I waited to bake these on that day for that reason but I’m not that cool. I do think I did a cool job of highlighting that I #DontFearTheFat with these brownies, though. The recipe called for 3/4 cup of oil. I used 1/2 a cup of EVO and decided to substitute the other 1/4 with avocado. I just used the rest of the avocado I had leftover from the previous day, so I’m not sure what the exact measurement of that was. (Probably 1/3-1/2 and avocado.) I made sure to mix in the avocado real good.

The result was so delicious–that is an understatement, actually. I loved the end product. The brownies were so dense and moist and chewy and healthy! Healthy brownies? Right… Winking smile

Kyle tried them and approved. I asked him if he could tell there was avocado in it–negative. I fooled even myself. Success!

Can’t wait to see who I get paired up with next month and thanks again, Marina!

Have you guys heard about Foodie Penpals? Have you signed up for it??

How Cool is the Human Body?

The human body is an amazing powerhouse that is capable of so many great feats.

I’m thankful to have a fully functioning body that allows me to do the things I do. I’m thankful that running is one of those things. There are a ton of features in our body that make us essentially born to run–one of the major ones being the legs. My legs have seen their share of bug bites, crawling fire ants, scratches, bruises, blood, fierce poison ivy, shin splints and combined miles of walking, cycling and running. They have yet to let me down. Every run I go on–whether it’s my best run or the most pathetic run ever–the complex system of ligaments, tendons, and sinewy muscle enclosed in my legs always does its job. A runner’s legs are truly invaluable. I try to remind myself how awesome my legs are–how awesome legs are in general. Winking smile

Moving away from the awesomeness that are our legs, I read an article the other day about the running capabilities of humans compared to the rest of our animal counterparts. We all know that most mammals can out-sprint a human but when it comes to distance running, us humans have it in the bag. Score for us. Thumbs up Scientists can safely say that humans are able to outlast a horse in a 26.2 mile marathon. Throw in the other endurance runners in the animal kingdom:  dogs, wolves, hyenas and antelope. Yep, we’re capable of outlasting them too. (Source)

How crazy, right? Crazy enough that I’m tempted to go sign up for a marathon! Alright, pulling in the reins…I’ll do that soon enough but now isn’t my time. Until that time comes, though, I will continue to take advantage of the awesome things the body is dexterous enough to take on. Open-mouthed smile

Pic sources: Greyhounds, wolves, hyena, antelope

Haters Gonna Hate

Today, Foodie PenPal pairings were revealed! Got my email sent to the person I’ll be sending a box of goodies to and responded to the email of the person I’ll be receiving a box of goodies from. So excited! That’s a post for later, though. Winking smile

Boys and Girls, we’re gonna address courtesy and respect today. More specifically courtesy and respect on social media. I’ve read about it on other blogs before and I feel strongly enough about it that I’ll post about it as well.

Apparently, there are “annoying” people that tweet or post pictures on FB of their clean meals, workouts of the day, progress made…all that fun, encouraging stuff. The problem with that is that there actually isn’t a problem with doing that. Those people are by far being “annoying.” The ones that truly are being annoying are the ones that come crashing in saying how annoying and unnecessary it is for people to do that. I’m pretty sure no one is forcing them to click on a picture or read a post or tweet…pretty sure. It’s interesting too that those same people don’t notice how they obsessively post about technology, work, drama, their dogs,…things important to them. Nobody is rudely commenting to them how annoying that may be!

I do it, too, sometimes. I get it.

I don’t think those party poopers realize that the people posting those things are doing it for a reason–they’re proud of themselves. What is wrong with that? And is it a problem if while they’re showing to everyone how proud they are, they happen to inspire someone to make a change in their lives for the better? Oh right, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

They may also be forgetting that anyone can post whatever they want on their personal account. If you get get flagged for something inappropriate and stupid…well that’s another issue. Seriously, though, it’s a personal account…why criticize or discourage someone from sharing their thoughts on their own. personal. account? (My bad for all those grammar mistakes there. Open-mouthed smile)

I’m surprised this hasn’t happened to me…yet. I guess I’ll have to start tweeting pictures of every single thing I eat each day. Winking smile I’ve seen others experience it, though, and have read about peoples’ thoughts on receiving those kinds of comments. I’ve mostly read about people feeling embarrassed about posting pics and updating their progress, and they stop doing it for a while. Then they realize they don’t really care what others think or say. If you’re working toward a goal or trying to accomplish something, you should associate yourself with people who will support you. You don’t want to keep around those that needlessly tear you down and belittle your successes. There’s a ton of groups and people out there in the world of social media that want to hear about your progress and encourage you to post pics of your yummy, healthy creations! It’s an awesome huge network of support that I’m still exploring myself.

Here’s my point:  it’s downright disrespectful to try silencing someone about what they want to post about. It’s not okay at all. There are unfollow and unfriend buttons for a reason. For those that have received nasty comments or if you ever do in the future, don’t let it affect you or embarrass you. Keep that drive going. You’re getting somewhere. Those naysayers obviously aren’t.

I’ll leave you with this, you awesome people, you:
Don’t bore your haters…you’re the one that keeps them entertained, so keep the pics and posts coming!

Red heart

Gotta love progress…

Random thought: Can’t believe we’re almost halfway done with 2012. Wow.

So, Kyle and I were successfully able to get through the first full week of P90X! Pat on the back for the both of us. That deal is no joke. It’s hard work but boy if it ain’t the hard work that’s giving me the results I’m seeing, then I don’t know what it is. I mentioned last time that I didn’t feel sore the morning after my first day of the program (chest, shoulders and abs). I had spoken too soon, though. I noticed later that day that my upper body was definitely fatigued. I want some more of that!

Day 2 was plyometrics.  I wish I could define plyometrics as an exercise that does all sorts of fan-freaking-tastic things for your body. Winking smile More technically put, though, it’s a “method of training for power or explosiveness.” (source) I feel like I have a love/hate attitude towards plyos: I did not enjoy getting my butt kicked but at the same time it was satisfying knowing I had given the routine my all and completed it to the best of my ability. I knew my body would benefit from it…it just wouldn’t feel like it at first. I definitely understand how important it is for runners to incorporate plyometric workouts into their training. It works to improve balance and improve speed and agility–three elements necessary for running.

Yesterday (Day 6), we completed our first kenpo workout. Kenpo is an American system of martial arts that uses crazy combinations to create a high intensity cardiovascular workout (source). It was one of the more enjoyable workouts but it did get intense during some parts. I’m not sure if I was having an off day yesterday but I just seemed to be the most imbalanced and uncoordinated person ever. (It’s important to note that balance and coordination are key to kenpo so…fail for me.) Kyle definitely looked 10 times more graceful from my point of view. We had fun and that was the best part (aside from getting a fantastic workout, of course)! Obviously, we were pros in the art of street fighting after that workout, so we thought it’d be fun to go out and get in some fights. Instead, we just beat up on each other for a little while. I love my workout partner. Red heart

I’m on the right delivering the blow…obviously.

Now, focusing more on the strength training aspect of P90X, I’m excited about the “muscle confusion” method that is the principle of the program. It’s true, if you keep doing the same reps with the same weight your body and muscles are going to accommodate to the repetition. The P90X system calls for a switch up in your strength training. That way your body avoids plateauing and you see results. I think it’s awesome that I can honestly say in the week I’ve followed through with the program, I’ve seen results in the muscle/definition department. My arms are killing it! I love it. Kyle himself is getting some beastly leg muscle definition. The boy’s got some fine legs. Winking smile

Today is our choice of Rest or X-Stretch day. Who needs rest!? Well I do, but I’m definitely looking forward to finding out what x-style stretching is like, so I can’t wait to do that later this evening. I’d like to go for a run as well but I think I’ll just go on a nice long walk with the puppy. It’s my “rest” day anyway….

I almost forgot it’s Monday. Have a great and productive week!

Open-mouthed smile

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