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The Beginning

So begins the obligatory post proclaiming to the world that I’m beginning a new blog. I’m starting a blog of my own. Done.

I hope to focus my posts mostly around health and fitness–that of my own, for the most part. It’ll be a record of my accomplishments, setbacks, goals, random musings…I just hope I don’t bore myself or any future readers of this blog that I may gain along my journey.

I’m a 20-year-old college student at the University of Missouri. I’ve attended three semesters–would have been the fourth this past semester but I took it off hoping to save up money to pay for school. Well that plan didn’t work out so well, but I still intend to and plan on going back to school this fall. I don’t have a whole lot of support from my family to pursue a higher education so that makes it challenging for me. An “I’ll show them” attitude is my main incentive to succeed and earn a degree. It’s sad but it’s my reality.

I don’t consider myself as someone who has a lot of hobbies to keep busy with. In fact, I wish I had more hobbies because I find myself wasting my days away with meaningless activities. I do enjoy going out and having fun with friends, going to the movies occasionally, all that fun stuff. I used to have a good relationship with my Trek mountain bike…mostly because it was gift from my brother and I had to show him I appreciated it. He was kind enough to provide me with all my biking gear:  shoes and clips, clipless pedals, helmet, bike shorts, gel padded gloves and matching Mizzou jerseys. Adorable, I know. We would go on long bike rides and tons of mountain biking trails. I got many sick cuts and bruises from those rides but I handled them like a big girl and “rubbed some dirt” in ’em just to show big brother how tough I was. 🙂

Now that I moved away from home, I don’t have my riding buddy anymore and I haven’t been taking advantage of my bike a whole lot. My brother would be disappointed in me. I’d like to get back into riding; and there are plenty of trails here in Missouri to do that. I just have to make an honest effort to make it happen and maybe find a riding buddy.

Running is something I appreciate, though, because as fun–and safe–as it may be to have a running partner, it’s something I prefer doing on my own. Mostly because I get to set my own pace and run as short or as long of a distance as I desire. I also use it to rid myself of stress and clear my head. It gives me a reason to always update my iTunes with beats that will pump me up through my runs. So that’s a plus, as well.

More on my love for running later. 🙂

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