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Beat the Heat Tip

Fall is coming up soon but this summer has been a pain and I wouldn’t be surprised if the relentless heat and humidity stick around for a while. Keeping well hydrated is important. I tried out this little iced lemon trick to spice up my water.

I sliced up a lemon and placed the slices in a muffin pan, lining the bottom of each cup with a slice of lemon. I did my best to take out most of the seeds.

Then pour water over the slices and fill the cups.

Place in the freezer until they’re all frozen.
Set the pan in a warm, shallow bath of water in the sink so they can thaw just enough to slip out of the cups. You can also let them sit out on the counter for a while. When they have thawed out enough, use a toothpick or fork to pull out the “lemon cube.” I stuck a knife into the pith, right below the zest layer of the lemon. This gave me a better hold on the whole lemon cube.

Store the lemon cubes into a container so they’re ready to use whenever you want to throw one in a drink.

I love this idea so much! I use the lemon cubes when I want a refreshing drink of water at home.

They’re also so convenient when I’m on the go. I throw a lemon cube along with some regular ice cubes into my blender bottle to help me beat the heat. Fancy drinking right there! Winking smile

Fun fact:  I also added in about half a packet of stevia to my blender bottle, and the faint lemon taste and sweetness made me feel like I was drinking lemonade. Super yummy.

Give it a try! Open-mouthed smile


Memory Board

Remember that memory board Kyle and I were going to make with that colorful piece of board he “borrowed?” Winking smile Well we got it done! Like two days after the run; it just took me a while to put together an update about it. We were so excited about it and had so many crazy ideas about how it was going to look that we wanted to put it together ASAP to see how it would really turn out.

It was an awesome end product! Better than I expected!


I’m glad Kyle has so much creativity. According to him, I’m apparently the artistic so we used his creativity and my artistic skills to put together this awesome piece. It’s now hanging proudly above my desk in my room.

I love that I have something to hold on to and remember that day with Kyle. It’s legit. Red heart

What are some other creative ways to capture fun memories?

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