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June Foodie Penpal Reveal

So let’s just start off by saying how awesome this Foodie Penpals dealio is.

Check out more information about this cool idea from the mastermind herself, Lindsay, on her website at the Lean Green Bean.

This month I was paired up with Marina who’s on twitter @5starmarina. She’s a reader and a sweetheart. She expressed an interest in starting up a blog about her Paleo adventures and starting her CrossFit program. I encouraged her to definitely think about joining the blogging world and putting in her 2 cents. I hope she does! I’d faithfully read all her posts. Winking smile

I didn’t know much about the Paleo/primal regimen before talking to Marina. She described it as being completely clean eating so I did some research on it because it sounded so intriguing. I picked up that the paleo diet really embraces eating healthy fats which I thought was pretty awesome and different from traditional diets. Marina asked me if I’d be willing to try out some of her foods and treats. I loved her enthusiasm about it so I gladly gave her the go ahead to send me whatever goodies she’d like.

Everyone always comments about how exciting it is seeing that box on their doorstep waiting for them; it’s so true. As soon as I saw that box by my door, I knew what it was and I couldn’t wait to open it! Truly exciting!

I broke into the box like a little kid. My roommate was there (I had previously explained to her how the program works) and she was excited and eager to see what was in the box too.

I immediately gave Marina props for somehow knowing my favorite color is green when I saw the green tissue paper. I read her card first which mentioned her desire to create that blog. Do it, Marina. Open-mouthed smile

Then I found these yummy goodies.

Brad’s Raw Chips–Sweet Potato: These were very different. Very interesting. My roommate and I both tried it. I have no way of explaining it. When I took my first bit, it tasted bland, but then I picked up on the sweet potato taste. I was like, “there it is!” Good job, taste buds.

Zico–Coconut Water: I guess I don’t like coconut water. I’ve heard of coconut milk. I may have to try my luck on that. I may just not like any coconut drinks at all.

Larabar: cherry pie and banana bread…smelled like banana bread. I love foods that have a limited amount of ingredients. That means it’s good for you. Thumbs up

Ghiradelli–Sea Salt Soiree (how yummy does that sound?): My roommate and I both approved. Winking smile

Namaste Foods–Gluten Free Brownie Mix: Ahhh…this was my favorite item out of everything in the box. Thank you, thank you, Marina! I loved that it was hands-on ish item–one where I could make a mess in the kitchen. I love baking but haven’t done much of it compared to how often I did before I started college.

I find it crazy that the mix is free of gluten, wheat, nuts, corn, soy, dairy making you wonder, “what does it have in it?? Just 7 ingredients: evaporated cane juice, tapioca and sweet brown rice and arrowroot flour, dutch cocoa, salt and xanthan gum.

At the beginning of this month I joined @Powercakes in her #JunePowerMealADay challenge. When I made these, the day was designated to #DontFearTheFat. Healthy fats are…well, healthy, don’t ya know? I’d like to say I waited to bake these on that day for that reason but I’m not that cool. I do think I did a cool job of highlighting that I #DontFearTheFat with these brownies, though. The recipe called for 3/4 cup of oil. I used 1/2 a cup of EVO and decided to substitute the other 1/4 with avocado. I just used the rest of the avocado I had leftover from the previous day, so I’m not sure what the exact measurement of that was. (Probably 1/3-1/2 and avocado.) I made sure to mix in the avocado real good.

The result was so delicious–that is an understatement, actually. I loved the end product. The brownies were so dense and moist and chewy and healthy! Healthy brownies? Right… Winking smile

Kyle tried them and approved. I asked him if he could tell there was avocado in it–negative. I fooled even myself. Success!

Can’t wait to see who I get paired up with next month and thanks again, Marina!

Have you guys heard about Foodie Penpals? Have you signed up for it??

Haters Gonna Hate

Today, Foodie PenPal pairings were revealed! Got my email sent to the person I’ll be sending a box of goodies to and responded to the email of the person I’ll be receiving a box of goodies from. So excited! That’s a post for later, though. Winking smile

Boys and Girls, we’re gonna address courtesy and respect today. More specifically courtesy and respect on social media. I’ve read about it on other blogs before and I feel strongly enough about it that I’ll post about it as well.

Apparently, there are “annoying” people that tweet or post pictures on FB of their clean meals, workouts of the day, progress made…all that fun, encouraging stuff. The problem with that is that there actually isn’t a problem with doing that. Those people are by far being “annoying.” The ones that truly are being annoying are the ones that come crashing in saying how annoying and unnecessary it is for people to do that. I’m pretty sure no one is forcing them to click on a picture or read a post or tweet…pretty sure. It’s interesting too that those same people don’t notice how they obsessively post about technology, work, drama, their dogs,…things important to them. Nobody is rudely commenting to them how annoying that may be!

I do it, too, sometimes. I get it.

I don’t think those party poopers realize that the people posting those things are doing it for a reason–they’re proud of themselves. What is wrong with that? And is it a problem if while they’re showing to everyone how proud they are, they happen to inspire someone to make a change in their lives for the better? Oh right, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

They may also be forgetting that anyone can post whatever they want on their personal account. If you get get flagged for something inappropriate and stupid…well that’s another issue. Seriously, though, it’s a personal account…why criticize or discourage someone from sharing their thoughts on their own. personal. account? (My bad for all those grammar mistakes there. Open-mouthed smile)

I’m surprised this hasn’t happened to me…yet. I guess I’ll have to start tweeting pictures of every single thing I eat each day. Winking smile I’ve seen others experience it, though, and have read about peoples’ thoughts on receiving those kinds of comments. I’ve mostly read about people feeling embarrassed about posting pics and updating their progress, and they stop doing it for a while. Then they realize they don’t really care what others think or say. If you’re working toward a goal or trying to accomplish something, you should associate yourself with people who will support you. You don’t want to keep around those that needlessly tear you down and belittle your successes. There’s a ton of groups and people out there in the world of social media that want to hear about your progress and encourage you to post pics of your yummy, healthy creations! It’s an awesome huge network of support that I’m still exploring myself.

Here’s my point:  it’s downright disrespectful to try silencing someone about what they want to post about. It’s not okay at all. There are unfollow and unfriend buttons for a reason. For those that have received nasty comments or if you ever do in the future, don’t let it affect you or embarrass you. Keep that drive going. You’re getting somewhere. Those naysayers obviously aren’t.

I’ll leave you with this, you awesome people, you:
Don’t bore your haters…you’re the one that keeps them entertained, so keep the pics and posts coming!

Red heart

Strong week so far!

Red heart  Happy Wednesday y’all! Halfway through the week!  Red heart

I saw this little banter earlier on twitter between @DrSherryPagoto and @mbfgmike that tickled my funny bone. #RunnersHumor  Winking smile

I can’t say I’ve done this but the thought has crossed my mind on some long, summer runs…

It’s been a good week for me so far!

More fun stuff from twitter (social networking, guys)! Yesterday I saw #RWRunStreak floating around on my newsfeed. Obviously I had to find out what that was all about. The hashtag is brought to you by Runner’s World’s official twitter. In a tweet kicking off the first day of #RWRunStreak, a link to an article was included explaining the idea behind this streak. It’s pretty cool. The primary benefit of taking part in this running streak is to motivate runners to keep going out on those runs even though temps are going up and we’re all going on vacations or out of town. It’s easy to say, “I’ll go for a run tomorrow instead….” You can’t do that anymore! Even if it’s just one mile a day, it counts. You can do it!

The Streak started on Memorial Day (5/28) and ends on Independence Day (7/4). That’s a whopping 38 consecutive days of running and in temperatures that will only be steadily rising as the days go by!
SunHoly heatstroke! Two words to anyone participating in this:  water and sunscreen. You’re welcome. Winking smile

When I saw the start date, I was glad I decided to go for a run on that hot Memorial Day, unknowingly kicking off the start of #RWRunStreak. One point for me. Thumbs up I also thought this couldn’t have come at a better time for me. At the end of my last post, I mentioned wanting to make running a daily part of my everyday routine. This was just the motivation I needed!

I knocked off Day 2 of #RWRunStreak with the help of Coby! We ran a mile around campus while waiting for Kyle to get off work. Coby got distracted a bit with squirrels and birds but he did a good job for the most part. He was a thirsty boy after the run!
Red heart

Hydrating and cooling off!

Also exciting news in the world of fitness (…in my life…), I finally started out Phase One of the P90X system everyone was/is talking about–I’m not sure if that’s popular anymore or not. That’s how it usually is…fitness trends come and go as with every other trend.

Anyway, in or not, it was a good workout. I completed it along with Kyle and I had a blast doing it. We worked on chest, back and abs. I could feel a burn on the target areas throughout the workout and I was definitely exhausted at the end. I didn’t wake up sore this morning as I was expecting to. Maybe I’m just awesome…? Or I have room to push myself harder. We’ll go with both. Winking smile

I’m excited about incorporating this training program into my running routine and so thankful I have Kyle to suffer along with me. I know how important full body muscle development is for runners, and I know this will help me with it. On top of increasing my aerobic capabilities with running, I do have a goal of increasing my muscle mass and developing definition. So I look forward to the results I’ll see with this program.

Progress will be posted. Winking smile

Are you setting any goals and working toward them?

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